Our Story

Our Story

Who are we? We’re a team of doctors, nurses, researchers and computer scientists who understand the frustrations people experience in finding a clinical trial that is right for them. 

We believe that looking for a clinical trial and choosing a research center should be as easy as possible. And we want to provide a place for patients to give feedback about their trial experiences. Many patients enroll in clinical trials because of a sense of community – they want help other patients benefit from new treatments. Providing ratings and reviews about their experience at a research center is another way of giving back. It helps other patients choose the right research center while helping research centers better serve the people enrolled in their studies. 

We know there is a ton of information about clinical trials online already. However, much of this material can be confusing, overwhelming and may not be from a source you trust. That’s why TrialJourney offers clear, easy to understand information with total transparency.

Our Team

  • Dr. Irfan Khan

    Chief Executive Officer

  • Dave Hicks

    Chief Technology Officer

  • Raymond Stapell

    Chief Administrative Compliance Officer

  • Michelle Fisher

    Director of Operations

  • Neal Rudewicz


  • Jennifer Crisp

    VP of Digital Services

  • Colin Myers

    Product Owner

  • John Waller

    John Waller

    IT Super Glue